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While Waiting

While Waiting

Two clowns, Didi and Gogo, fill their endless time of waiting for a man named Godot to arrive with an intense creativity; an act of devotion within a place where meaning is impossible to uncover. A young Messenger seems to know Godot is out there somewhere but she has never met him directly, and has no information to offer about what he is like. Godot, like Freedom, is a remote and vague concept, more rumor than reality.

As part of their final graduation project, third year students from The Freedom Theatre’s Acting School performed While Waiting – an adaptation of Samuel Beckett’s masterpiece Waiting for Godot. It is one of the most important and challenging literary works of modernism.

The Freedom Theatre’s version hews to the play’s story line of a pair of friends who experience a mental unraveling as they wait in vain for Godot. But the play veers from the Beckett text with subtle and overt references to Palestinian life. The play asks who and what one becomes while waiting for freedom, how to behave toward those who share the wait and how to live a semblance of a normal life without normalizing the occupation – without giving in to it or giving up on the notion of freedom. Focus is on the search for meaning, solidarity and friendship within the repetition itself.

While Waiting serves as an allegory to the relationship between the students of The Freedom Theatre Acting School and their deceased teacher and mentor, Juliano Mer Khamis. The students’ performance of the play is in itself an act of fidelity and healing after a meaningless and tragic loss.

While Waiting is a memorial, a political statement, a reinvention, and a piece of art. – Columbia Spectator

While Waiting received support from MDG Achievement Fund. In 2011 the Acting School was supported by Sida.