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What Else – Sho Kman? | The Freedom Theatre
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What Else – Sho Kman?

What Else – Sho Kman?

Fragmentary in form, with loosely connected scenes dissolving into each other, Sho Kman? is best described as a projection of the psychological impact of occupation in a densely populated area hemmed in by checkpoints. Violence in this production is all-pervasive. Not just the violence of the occupier, but the violence of the oppressed.

Sho Kman – What Else? encapsulates how young Palestinians see the world around them, exploring how the external occupation and violence turns inwards, mirroring itself in an internal form of chaos, destroying friendships, families, society and political structures. It is an intimate exploration of personal experiences, often wordless, physical representations of memories that become nightmares.

Sho Kman? is an original in-house production by The Freedom Theatre, featuring the first-year students of the Acting School. The performance takes audience members through the contradictions, circumstances and rhythms of life that forces young Palestinians to ask the question, Who are We? An important milestone in the struggle to break free from the many layers of chains that imprisons them. The final goal being freedom.

A teenager breaks out into a passionate Arabic rap about female emancipation and the need for girls› voices to be heard. – The Guardian


In 2011 The Acting School received support from Sida, as part of the PAN program. The Freedom Theatre would also like to thank KinderKulturKarawane, Schaubühne am Lehniner Tor, Medico International, Böll Foundation and the Friends of The Freedom Theatre in France and Germany for making the tours possible!