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London:Jenin | The Freedom Theatre
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An immigration office in London. In the waiting room: Two Palestinian actors just about to fulfill their dream of leaving their troubled country behind to begin a new existence in this capital of theatre. Having just been on tour with a renowned British Comedian in the UK, they fabulate about their new future lives and the necessary steps leading up to them, ranging from adapting to local dress codes to stories able to convince the immigration officers. But the enthusiasm for international fame and the easy-going London lifestyle is soon blend with feelings of fear, love and longing for what they have left behind.

A comedy devised and performed by TFT’s acting school graduates, Faisal Abu Alhayjaa and Alaa Shehada who spent the first half of 2018 touring in the UK with political comedian Mark Thomas. The play sheds light on their British experience and provides insight into a Palestinian struggle that goes beyond the occupation.

London-Jenin was given the opportunity to be developed further in the 2019 Sundance Institute Theatre Lab. The play won awards for the best skript and and the best director in the 2019 Palestinian National Theatre Festival.

“Why are we in the immigration office? To leave Palestine. But when you are there, you will think about your home, your country. So it’s about imagining your country while you are leaving it.” Alaa Shehada, actor

Written & Directed by: Khawla Ibrahim
Performed by: Faisal Abu Alhayjaa & Alaa Shehada
Music: Farj Suliman
Poster Design: Nihad Ewidat
Lights Design: Muath Aljuabeh
Technics: Ahmed Matthew

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