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Sponsor a student

Sponsor a student

The Freedom Theatre offers an intensive three-year educational program in theatre, with a focus on acting. Students enrolled in the Theatre School become familiar with methods and approaches from around the globe, entering into the world of performing arts equipped with skills that enable them to succeed in their careers.

The Theatre School program is one of a kind in Palestine. It is not only of a high professional standard, it is a school promoting freedom, unity and struggle against all kinds of discrimination; be it political, geographical, religious or gender-based.

Most of the Theatre School students come from the poorest and most neglected areas in the occupied West Bank. Through a monthly grant, The Freedom Theatre helps the students support themselves financially throughout the program. Without this grant, most of them would not be able to pursue their studies at the Theatre School.

YOU can support a student by becoming a monthly donor!

The student grant increases for each year of study but on average each student receives 600 NIS per month, which is $150 or €120. The size of your contribution towards this grant is entirely up to you. All donations are appreciated!

Sign up for a monthly donation and mark it „Student“ or send us an email once the payment is done with the subject line „Student“.  Make the payment directly to our bank account or through PayPal. 

By the way, isn’t this the perfect gift for that special someone who has “everything”? Email us and we’ll send you a holiday gift card!


motaz copyI have learned many things in the Theatre School – the most important one is that The Freedom Theatre is not just a theatre, it’s a stage that can create revolution. Theatre is my whole life now. It gives me hope, and dreams. On stage I can do anything. – Motaz Malhees, Theatre School graduate 2014

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