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A match made in Jenin

A match made in Jenin

Support The Freedom Theatre through a matching donation – with a twist.

Power/Poison, The Freedom Theatre’s brand new theatre production for youth, will open in January 2015. For the first time, The Freedom Theatre will sell tickets to one of our theatre plays. We consider this an important step in our development as an organization committed to cultural resistance. By asking the young women and men who come to see the show to pay a symbolic fee (the equivalent of 80 cents), we are saying that art has a value.

Now, we ask YOU to support us by matching the ticket price with a donation.

As a non-profit organization, The Freedom Theatre needs outside support to continue making art where it is most needed. But rather than turning to large corporations asking for matching donations, we are turning to you.

We have 150 tickets for sale for each of the 10 performances. Young people who come to see Power/Poison will make a contribution by buying a ticket – and you can make their contribution count even more! Match the ticket price with a donation of $10 through our donation page.

Let’s fill the theatre hall at every performance!

We aim to sell a total of 1500 tickets, which with matching donations would raise $15,000 towards our next theatre production.

By the way, isn’t this the perfect gift for that special someone who has “everything”? Email us and we’ll send you a holiday gift card!

You can choose to make the payment directly to our bank account or through PayPal. Just mark your payment with “Ticket”, or send us an email afterwards with the subject line “Ticket”: info@thefreedomtheatre.org.

Power/Poison focuses on sibling relationships within an uncertain world and constant conflict, as is the case in Palestine where the home environment is often affected by the instability outside. It deals with the fear of abandonment that is common among all children – but in Palestine this fear is aggravated by arbitrary arrests, killings or other events that separate children and youth from parents.

“This production will give us a chance to engage directly with young people who face the particular problems that the play highlights”, says Nabil Al-Raee, director. “They will be given space to think and share their thoughts on these themes in a safe and caring environment.”

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