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The Team

The Freedom Theatre is a Palestinian organisation and as such most of its staff come from the Jenin community. The theatre also engages international staff and volunteers on short and long-term basis.
In addition to the Palestinian organisation, The Freedom Theatre is supported by a foundation that has a separate, international Board.

To reach any of the staff members by email, click on the name below:
Office phone: +970(0)4 2503345


Mustafa Sheta, General Director
Ahmed Tobasi, Artistic Director
Mohammed Moawiya, Multimedia Coordinator
Rania Wasfi, Theatre Program Coordinator & HR
Isra Awartani, Financial Officer
Ahmed Mattahen, Technician & Stage Designer
Sami Saade, Technician & Sound Designer
Baraa Sharqawi, Photography Instructor
Miriyam Abu Ateyah, Housekeeper

Jonatan Stanzack, Advisor
Johanna Wallin, Editor of „Rehearsing Freedom“
Micaela Miranda, Creative Associate
Zoe Lafferty, Artistic Associate
Asma Iqbal, Communications Consultant
Catherine Mitchell, Fundraising Consultant
Liz Pagett, Fundraising Consultant
Jacob Gough, Associate Producer
Gary English, Artistic Consultant

Bilal Al-Sadi, Chairperson
Imad Abu Hantash, Vice chairperson
Ibrahim Ramadan, Treasurer
Mohammed Ruzi, Secretary
Abdulrahman Zubeidi
Ibrahim Abu Khalifa
Ghassan Tirawi
Suhail Naffa
Shireen Jarrar

In addition to being registered as a non-governmental organisation under the Palestinian Authority, The Freedom Theatre is also registered as a foundation in Sweden.

Abeer Kopty
Dror Feiler
Elias Khoury
Etienne Balibar
Henry Ascher
Howard Brenton
Judith Butler
Khulood Badawi
Luisa Morgantini
Michel Khleifi
Noam Chomsky
Salwa Nakkara
Suzanne Osten
Taiseer Khatib