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Suicide Note from Palestine

Suicide Note from Palestine

One day before her final exams, Amal has a concerning nightmare: she is Palestine and she has decided to die. Amal’s nightmare drafts between confusion, torture and despair – notions set as strange characters that symbolise some of the key players in world politics that shape the land, history, politics and the occupation of her country.

During her dream, Amal is invited to take part in a UN general meeting representing Palestine. In her speech, the girl embodying her own country announces her decision to die as a political act, fed up with the hopelessness and forsaken attitude that Palestine suffers from.

The actors lead the spectators into a visual tour where lights and shadows create a disturbing atmosphere as Amal, Palestine, is forced to interact with all the external key actors that play a fundamental role in the current situation. The violent Israeli army, Israel as an occupying power, an agreeable Europe, a paternalistic United States and the hypocritical and self-absorbed Arab world, along with a United Nations medical team in charge of drugging Palestine during her uprisings, are the players that disorient and harass Amal along this intense review of land, history, politics and occupation of the country. A video camera takes the role of an actor as it documents and gives testimony – mirroring the reality of the international community – of Palestine´s fate.

Suicide Note from Palestine is a rare window into the younger generation of Palestine; a generation just as hopeless about their present as they are about the future. The play is inspired by 4:48 Psychosis by Sarah Kane and uses social satire to present an image of the national trauma of the Palestinian people.

Suicide Note from Palestine will be re-staged in December 2014. Read more.


Suicide Note from Palestine is supported by the Swedish Postcode Lottery and by Sida, as part of the PAN program.

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