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Stolen Dreams | The Freedom Theatre
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Stolen Dreams

Stolen Dreams

At his wedding, Kamal, a Palestinian poet, is exiled by hidden hands. He manages to comes back after two years, only to discover that his fiancé has not known about his fate: she thought he had left her. With a poem he wrote while in exile, he meets the fiancé. Meanwhile a bomb falls from the sky. A masked man appears and tells Kamal: I warned you to come back. Kamal is taken to court and sentenced to life in prison.

Stolen Dreams is a play about love, suffering, deception, destruction and the dialogue between violence and culture. It is ultimately a homage to a symbol of culture, The Freedom Theatre co-founder Juliano Mer Khamis.

The play was written and performed by The Freedom Theatre’s youth acting group.


Stolen Dreams was supported by Sida, as part of the PAN program.

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