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Power/Poison | The Freedom Theatre
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Three young brothers are home alone. Their father has left and promised to return but after some time the boys begin to wonder if he is ever coming back. The brothers are faced with a series of problems that they need to solve in order to survive and to bring some stability to their lives. What will they eat? Who will be in charge?

Power/Poison focuses on sibling relationships within an uncertain world and constant conflict, as is the case in Palestine where the home environment is often affected by the instability outside. It deals with the fear of abandonment that is common among all children – but in Palestine this fear is aggravated by arbitrary arrests, killings or other events that separate children from parents.

The play puts the spotlight on how children copy the reality they see around them, in this case Jenin Refugee Camp, and how the behaviour of adults affect how children imagine their future.

Power/Poison will be live streamed on January 11, 2015 at 12:00 CET!

Power/Poison is funded by Sida, as part of the PAN program, and by the European Union.


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