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The Freedom Theatre regularly stages in-house theatre and performing arts productions. These plays often reflect, comment upon and challenge the realities of contemporary Palestinian society, while exploring various forms of artistic expressions. Past productions include adaptations of Animal Farm, Alice in Wonderland, Men in the Sun, Waiting for Godot, The Island and The Caretaker, as well as original plays such as Fragments of Palestine and Sho Kman – What Else?


Based on the legendary Greek myth of Medusa, this physical theatre production explores the young actors› personal stories from a political, social and individual perspective. Medusa – exiled from society and viewed as if she were a monster, punished for a crime committed against her, becomes a symbol of the Palestinian people. In Enemy, Medusa represents the plight of the oppressed – but also of the fierce strength inhabitant in those seemingly powerless… Continue reading

Magic Note1523522_594828960572977_423979696_o

Music City is a beautiful place where everyone spends their days playing music and dancing. Each year the King organizes a big music festival, inviting musicians from all over the world to perform. But this year things starts to go wrong: the people who have spent all their life dancing and playing music have not worked, the children have not gone to school and the fields have not been tended to and thus yield no crops… Continue reading


Lost LandIMG_4675

After losing his way, Momin, an adventurous schoolboy, comes upon an old Ottoman house where there is a wedding party. He meets a beautiful girl, Navine, to whom he stumblingly declares his love. The party is abruptly ended and Momin returns to his school obsessed with finding his way back but soon realizes this magical land is not to be found on any map. The British declare the end of the Mandate and Momin joins the struggle for his homeland… Continue reading

Suicide Note from PalestineIMG_9446

One day before her final exams, Amal has a concerning nightmare: she is Palestine and has decided to die. Suicide Note from Palestine is a physical video/visual art performance, inspired by 4:48 Psychosis by Sarah Kane. It is an exploration of identity and uses social satire to present an image of the national trauma of the Palestinian people. Suicide Note from Palestine is a window into the younger generation of Palestine… Continue reading

The IslandThe Island

Two cellmates, one who is soon to be released while the other is serving a life sentence, spend their days at mind-numbing physical labour and at night rehearse for a performance of Sophocles’ Antigone. The Freedom Theatre’s adaptation of The Island reflects the experiences of Palestinian political prisoners and the abuses within the Israeli prison system. The play also highlights the parallels between apartheid South Africa and Palestine today… Continue reading

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