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Associacao dos Amigos do teatro da Liberdade da Palestina was established in 2015 by a network of artists and activists with the shared aim of supporting The Freedom Theatre (TFT), through:

a) Supporting the children and youth of Jenin refugee camp, Palestine, in their participation in the activities of TFT;

b) Promoting the activities of TFT in Portugal;

c) Contributing to the development of the educational and performative activities of TFT;

d) Motivating the visit of different cultural agents from different countries to TFT;

e) Cooperating with other TFT Friend Associations;

f) Any other means that may be of service for the goals of the Association.

The Association’s headquarters is in Teatro da Barraca in Lisbon in which a room is named after The Freedom Theatre and where more information about the theatre’s work is available.

The official launch of the Portugal Friends Association happened on January 31st, 2016, in a public event where the activity plan was presented. The association is primarily working on:

 a tour of a TFT Production in Portugal 2017;

 promoting TFT’s plays in schools, by offering scripts to school theatre groups as a way to create awareness to the work of TFT and Palestinian reality.

If you would like to become a member or have any questions, please contact Associacao dos Amigos do teatro da Liberdade da Palestina at