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Us Too – Women of Palestine | The Freedom Theatre
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Us Too – Women of Palestine

Us Too – Women of Palestine

We are proudly presenting: ‹Us Too – Women of Palestine›

Women from across Palestine take refuge in a holy place asking God and the citizens of the city to grant them asylum. They are running not from war, or famine or occupation but from men.

Inspired by Aeschylus play The Suppliant Women, the production is a juxtaposition of the original text, as well as powerful personal stories of harassment, fights to be educated, a choice in marriage and dreams of determining their own futures.

Directed by Zoe Delemere Lafferty and Ahmed Tobasi and created with the cast made up of women involved in the project with Interpeace as well as others who hope to start with the theatre school in the new year.

‹Us Too› is an urgent protest play performed by women across Palestine, demanding an equal future. The show opened at the end of December in Jenin camp and has since been performed in Ya’abad, Fara’a and Nablus – the remaining shows as follows:

15th Jan at 12pm at YES Theatre, Hebron
17th Jan at 1pm in Ramen village, Tulkarem
19th Jan at 12pm at Ashtar for Theatre Productions and Training, Ramallah

Friends across the West Bank, please come and join us over the coming days.

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