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The Siege – uncomfortable, heartbreaking, brilliant!

The Siege – uncomfortable, heartbreaking, brilliant!

The Siege has received exceptional reviews during the first part of its UK tour, which included a sold-out run at the Battersea Arts Centre in London.

„One would struggle to find a more authentic piece of theatre, or indeed one that speaks to such a brutally urgent case of injustice” stated The Public Reviews, while The Guardian wrote: „It develops into an unexpectedly compelling theatrical experience with a rough and ready energy, and, in the very act of its telling, speaks for the voiceless and forgotten.” Read more praise for The Siege here.

The UK tour is organised by The Freedom Theatre UK Friends, a network of over 300 people in Britain who are engaged in the theatre’s activities. The board of The Freedom Theatre UK Friends states: „We witness The Siege as a success, not only as a superb piece of modern stage craft but in engaging with the audience in a discussion that goes right to the heart of our culture, recognising the humanity of our times and resisting the jingoist fears of mainstream media. The Freedom Theatre was born out of a struggle for dignity and searching opportunities for free and open expressions of peace. The UK tour of The Siege gives us hope that we can create further opportunities for a dialogue of peace and support, building international bonds of understanding. This has been done in the writing and staging of The Siege, in the Q&A sessions after each performance, and in the ongoing commitment to build links with institutions and individuals in the UK.“

Still to come during the UK tour of The Siege:

THE HUB (Leeds) 26th May
ST MARY IN THE CASTLE (Hastings) 28th May
THE MERLIN (Frome) 30th May
The REP (Birmingham) 4th–6th June
NOTTINGHAM PLAYHOUSE (Nottingham) 10th–11th June
THE CUT (Halesworth) 13th June
THE TRON (Glasgow) 17th–20th June

Follow the tour:
Twitter: @Freedom_Theatre#TheSiege

For interviews: media@thefreedomtheatre.org.

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