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The Freedom Theatre’s internship program | The Freedom Theatre
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The Freedom Theatre’s internship program

The Freedom Theatre’s internship program

The Freedom Theatre has an ongoing new internship program that welcomes interns to join The Freedom Theatre on a full-time basis for a minimum of three months, providing a range of administrative support to the theatre’s team.

«From the first day I arrived at The Freedom Theatre, I was immediately welcomed by such compassionate, hardworking and creative people. Everyone’s efforts there are motivated with determination of the cultural resistance movement and empowerment of people. Being surrounded by this daily emboldened me and gave me more responsibility to produce work at TFT that would truly contribute to the organisation.» Cecelia Marshall, 2017 intern

What we offer
The internship provides an opportunity to gain familiarity with areas such as fundraising, communication, administration and the day-to day operations of a non-profit arts organisation in Palestine. You will experience first-hand what the concept of cultural resistance means on the ground in Palestine and will be working within a creative setting, with people from Palestine and the world. Meanwhile you will contribute towards increasing the capacity and sustainability of our organisation as well as enhancing your own capacity and gaining valuable experiences for your future professional life. 

The internship position is unpaid. We do provide free accommodation in our on-site Guesthouse and cover work-related costs such as local transportation.

What we expect
Interns will work to support the organisation by maintaining communication with international foundations and individuals, contributing to successful fundraising campaigns, researching potential sponsors, entering data, updating records and preparing materials.

It is important that interns are responsible and able to take initiative and work independently, as well as function as team members. Another prerequisite is willingness to respect the local culture, even if it means making adjustments or sacrifices. Arabic speakers are prioritised. Prior experience with CRM systems is preferred.

Application Process
We review intern applications on a rolling basis; please submit a cover letter, CV and the time period you would be available to Please write “Internship” as the subject.

If you are accepted as an intern, you will receive an Intern Manual and Welcome Guide with more detailed information on everything from The Freedom Theatre, the community and how to get here.


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  1. Indudipa Sinha

    Sounds really really interesting….!!!

  2. Hi, I want to apply for an internship from july 2018 up to october 2018.
    Do I have to send my cv, cover letter etc already for that late time?

  3. Hi, you would apply in the next cycle. But if you have a letter and CV ready you can of course submit that now.

  4. hello, Can you provide visa before arrival or how does it work? thanks

  5. Hi,
    When does the next cycle begin? I want to apply for mai (or later)

  6. Dear Janne,

    We are currently accepting applications on a rolling basis; please send your CV and cover letter to

    The Freedom Theatre

  7. Dear Hanna,

    We are currently accepting applications on a rolling basis; please send your CV and cover letter to

    The Freedom Theatre

  8. Dear Jens,

    Visa’s are given on arrival at the airport.

    The Freedom Theatre

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