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The 2016 Freedom Ride in occupied Palestine | The Freedom Theatre
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The 2016 Freedom Ride in occupied Palestine

The 2016 Freedom Ride in occupied Palestine

The fifth annual Freedom Ride was part of The Freedom Theatre’s ten-year anniversary, and gathered activists, scholars and artist from around the world who travelled to key areas of oppression and resistance within the occupied West Bank. The Freedom Bus travelled to Jenin city and refugee camp, Nabi Saleh, the Jordan Valley, Hebron, South Hebron Hills, Aida Camp, Al-Azzeh Camp, Dheisheh Camp and Bethlehem. The ride offered a gathering point for people from diverse movements who engaged in mutual exchange with local residents through storytelling, guided walks and tours, improvisational theatre, discussions and other cultural actions. Read more on the Freedom Bus blog.

The 2016 Freedom Ride was organised in partnership with Jordan Valley Solidarity (www.jordanvalleysolidarity.org), the South Hebron Hills Popular Committee and a multitude of other local organisations and individuals.

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