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On to the next ten years! | The Freedom Theatre
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On to the next ten years!

On to the next ten years!

A historic, first-ever Theatre Festival and Forum on Cultural Resistance constituted the highlight of The Freedom Theatre’s ten-year celebrations. The week-long Festival and Forum in the heart of Jenin refugee camp included theatre, music, circus, stand-up, poetry and dance performances by some of Palestine’s top artists, as well as talks by scholars, performers and activists, workshops, discussions, film screenings and guided tours.

The Festival and Forum began on April 4 with a protest march commemorating the fifth anniversary of the assassination of the theatre’s co-founder, Juliano Mer Khamis, and demanding that those responsible be brought to justice. 

Throughout the week people from across Palestine and abroad celebrated the vibrant Palestinian cultural resistance movement as well as The Freedom Theatre’s achievements over the past ten years. Greetings from friends and supporters around the world who were unable to attend the anniversary, bore testimony to the global network that The Freedom Theatre has created.

The Festival and Forum ended with a sensational event combining music, dabke, commedia dell’arte, stand-up and poetry by some of Palestine’s top performers.

We are grateful beyond words to all speakers, artists and participants who marked this milestone with us and we are incredibly proud of our team. On to the next ten years!


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