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Louse and Lice | The Freedom Theatre
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Louse and Lice

Louse and Lice

A children’s play focusing on a very basic but enormously important issue: Personal hygiene! 

Two fun-loving lice explore the environment and the body of the girl Lina who doesn’t like to wash herself. The play highlights the importance of taking care of and cleaning one’s body, particularly the hair. Directed by Ahmed Tobasi, the play is performed by TFT graduates Samah Mahmoud and Khalil Al-Batran.

We had the pleasure to record the music for ‘Louse and Lice’ at the distinguished Edward Said National Conservatory of Music in Ramallah. 

Having had its premiere at The Freedom Theatre’s Ramadan Cultural Events 2019, the play is right now touring to perform in schools, theatres, and kids centres all across historic Palestine, amongst others at Alsaraya theatre in Yaffa and  Al-Hakawati theatre in Jerusalem. 

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