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Join us for another 10 years of cultural resistance!

Join us for another 10 years of cultural resistance!

What we have achieved in our first ten years is nothing short of a miracle. While facing multiple layers of oppression, The Freedom Theatre has created a generation of artists and leaders, who we believe one day will be at the forefront of the Palestinian liberation movement. We have made theatre and other art forms available to every child in Jenin refugee camp. The theatre has become a beacon of hope for many Palestinians as well as a source of inspiration for people around the world.

We have produced 24 original theatre plays and performed for more than 100.000 children, youth and adults. We have trained a core of actors, stage managers, theatre technicians, photographers, filmmakers and instructors that can independently run what has become one of Palestine’s largest cultural centres. We have performed, held workshops and presentations in more than 15 countries and reached out to over 50 communities in occupied Palestine. Our work has made Jenin refugee camp known in Palestine and internationally for innovative, thought-provoking theatre and media productions. We have contributed to putting Palestinian culture on the map and raised awareness and support for Palestine globally.

We see our 10-year milestone not as the end of something but as the beginning of something. What that will be, we will create together with friends all over the world. We are hopeful that before the end of our second decade, Palestine will be free and a vibrant community of artists will safeguard that freedom.

We would never have made it this far without the steadfast support of people just like you, who share our vision of art as a powerful tool against oppression, for freedom and justice. Here are some suggestions of how you can be involved in our work. If you have other ideas, we would love to hear from you!

Monthly donation With a monthly donation, you contribute to the sustainability and independence of our operations. Set up a monthly donation and get a free T-shirt with one of our signature prints.
One-time donation You can make a one-time donation of your choice to support us in making art where art is most needed.
Join our Friends By joining one of our Friends Associations you can play an active role in fundraising and networking for The Freedom Theatre. If there is none where you live, why not get together with friends and colleagues to start your own Friends of The Freedom Theatre? Contact us for more information.
Volunteer We receive volunteers from all corners of the world, who share their skills in solidarity with the Palestinian people.

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