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Fairuz’ Secret  | The Freedom Theatre
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Fairuz’ Secret 

Fairuz’ Secret 

A puppet play for kids! Fairuz wants to give her mother a gift on Mother’s Day, which she does not show anyone in order to surprise her mother. However, her neighbour Karkour tries to sabotage Fairuz and expose her little secret. What will Fairuz do to preserve her gift and the surprise?

The idea for ‘Fairuz’ Secret’ was born in 2013 in Norway after The Freedom Theatre’s graduate Ahmed Tobasi and Mélanie Dahl had collected stories from children in the Palestinian city of Tulkarem. With lovingly designed dolls from puppet maker Nida al-Katib, they devised the stories into a show first performed in Norway in 2014. In 2019, with Ahmed Tobasi back at The Freedom Theatre, the idea was taken up again and developed into the play ‘Fairuz’ Secret’. The production involved Palestinan actors from both within the West Bank and inside 48. 

Since its launch at The Freedom Theatre in August, the show has been performed in different schools and kids centres all over the West Bank.

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