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Buy a book or t-shirt

Buy a book or t-shirt

Spectrum is a new book with images taken by our photography students, documenting the spectrum of their lived experiences. Spectrum comes in a booklet format and contains twenty images with texts in Arabic, English and Swedish. Each text is a small poem, capturing the essence of the image as perceived by the photographer. The price for each book is $15 (€12). We give discount to orders over five copies. To order, send an email to media@thefreedomtheatre.org. Include the shipping address.

spectrum cover

See images from Spectrum.

The Freedom Theatre also has a selection of t-shirts on sale, each with a unique print: Art as Resistance, Creation under Occupation, and The Freedom Theatre. The t-shirts come in black or white, and loose or tight fit. They cost $25(€20) plus a small postal fee. To order, email us the print, colour and size you want (S, M, L, XL), and if you prefer loose or tight fit. Also include the shipping address.


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