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Articles about Juliano

A selection of recent articles about Juliano Mer Khamis and his legacy

Remembering Juliano Mer Khamis

We are freedom fighters

Mer Khamis and binational resistance movement

Juliano Mer-Khamis obituary

Mer’s last show

A remembrance of Juliano Mer Khamis

The stage is my gun: the cultural intifada of Juliano Mer Khamis

Thirty days: a farewell to Juliani Mer Khamis

Young Palestinians act out their struggle on another stage

Palestine celebrates life of Juliano Mer-Khamis one year after unsolved murder

Rally marks one year since Jewish-Palestinian theater director’s murder

Juliano Mer Khamis, activist who lived in two worlds

Juliano Mer Khamis‘ impossible legacy brought to life in rocket-torn Sderot

Creation under occupation


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