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68 years of Al Nakba

68 years of Al Nakba

“People who live here originally came from Haifa, Akka, Yaffa and the villages. In 1948, they were forced out of their own homes and the land by the Israelis.
When people first came to this area, UNRWA gave them tents to live in, assuming their expulsion from the land would be temporary—maybe one or two months before they could return to their homes.
But things took a long time. So people put brick over brick, stone over stone, something to avoid the rain and the sun. It’s been sixty-eight years since then.” – Jenin refugee camp resident

2016 marks the 68th anniversary of the Nakba, the expulsion of over 750,000 Palestinians from their homes and lands in 1948.

The Nakba is more than a historical event. The Nakba is ongoing. It is a continuous process of denied right of return for the refugees, of discrimination against Palestinians living inside Israel/’48, of violations of the most basic rights of the population in the West Bank, of strangling siege and frequent attacks against the population in Gaza, of ever-expanding settlements on Palestinian lands and theft of its natural resources. It is an ongoing, escalating process of apartheid, settler colonialism and military rule.

This year, The Freedom Theatre commemorates Al Nakba through a series of performances, in occupied Palestine and in Palestinian refugee camps in Jordan, of our play Return to Palestine.


May 14, Tulkarem refugee camp
May 15, Jenin refugee camp
May 15, Arrabee village
May 18, Nablus and Balata refugee camp
May 21, Ramallah
May 28 Hetten refugee camp, Jordan
May 29 Hetten refugee camp, Jordan

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Return to Palestine Jenin Camp

‘Return to Palestine’ is part of the project ‘Interactive theatre as a tool for social change’ implemented by The Freedom Theatre in partnership with Ashtar for Theatre Production and Training.


The performances of ‘Return to Palestine’ are supported by the Swedish Postcode Lottery. 

The Swedish Postcode Lottery

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