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The Freedom Theatre has always been a joint venture, gathering people from all over the world who join the people of Jenin in solidarity. As a non-profit organisation, The Freedom Theatre depends on donations and support from foundations and individuals who open up new possibilities for the residents of Jenin refugee camp and join them in their struggle for freedom.

There are many ways to contribute to the theatre – by joining us as a volunteer, becoming a monthly donor, promoting the theatre online, getting your workplace to endorse the theatre, organising a fundraising event or an online campaign, writing articles about the theatre or by starting a Friends Association. If you have ideas of how to promote The Freedom Theatre, don’t hesitate to contact us!



An excellent, fun way to support The Freedom Theatre is to host an event to raise awareness and funds for the theatre. Contact one of our Friends associations or get together with a group of friends or colleagues to organise a screening of some of The Freedom Theatre’s short films, a seminar, a fundraising dinner, a concert or other event!




The Freedom Theatre receives volunteers from all corners of the world, who come to share their skills in solidarity with the people in Jenin. We prefer to host volunteers on a more long-term basis, at least two to three months.
Volunteering at The Freedom Theatre won’t make you financially rich but we guarantee that you will be rich in experiences.





As a non-profit organisation, The Freedom Theatre depends on financial support from individuals and foundations around the world. The Freedom Theatre provides its activities for free in one of the poorest areas in Palestine – Jenin Refugee Camp.




The Freedom Theatre is a Palestinian organisation and as such most of its staff come from the Jenin community. The theatre also engages international staff and volunteers on short and long-term basis. Here you can find our current employment listings.


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