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2015 | The Freedom Theatre
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Conflict and collaboration

From Palestine, dramatic therapy for the human soul

India-Palestine group to perform in 11 cities

The third intifada

Palestine in my [he]art

A theatre of protest amid graves, graffiti and bullet marks

From Palestine to India: Freedom Theatres

Memories and history: A sketch play by seven Palestinian storytellers

Daring dozen: Old Vic talent list includes director who made secret Syria trip

International news round up November 2015

How to fight intolerance with culture

Theatre grops from India and Palestine unite for joint production

Two nations, one stage

Palestine’s Freedom Theatre coming to India

Stage charge

Palestine’s Intifada: the process of liberation is irresistible

Act of activism

Performing freedom

Stories of freedom and resistance

Indo-Palestine theatre collaboration to come alive this winter

Why Ipta matters

Finding refuge in an audience

‹Juliano› attacked on its way to break the siege on Gaza

Freedom Flotilla en route to Gaza

Standing ovation for Palestinian theatre visit

The Siege at Nottingham Playhouse: review, photos and video

Six of the best: Cultural highlights not to miss this weekend

A dramatic scoreline in Frome

On my radar: Maxine Peake’s cultural highlights

Review: The Siege

Freedom Theatre’s The Siege sparks discussion about Palestine

Theatre preview: The Siege at Nottingham Playhouse

MEE speaks to the cast of ‹The Siege› play

Zoe Lafferty and Nabil Al-Raee talk about The Freedom Theatre’s production of The Siege

When death was in everyone’s eyes: recalling Bethlehem’s siege

Generating cultural resistance – the Palestinian Freedom Theatre

BBC Newshour with Nabil Al-Raee

The Siege

Truth, lies and fairytales

The Siege: Violence in the Levant

We need more time to be more free

Freedom on the frontline

The Siege on Al Jazeera (Arabic)

The Siege: Palestinian play makes its London debut to packed audience

The Siege at the Battersea Arts Centre

Review: The Siege

Review of The Siege

The Siege – Battersea Arts Centre, London

True story behind Freedom Theatre’s The Siege

The Siege review – lives on the edge in Bethlehem standoff

The Siege – Cultural resistance…

Palestinian theatre company to make Birmingham debut

Palestinian Freedom Theatre to perform at Merlin Theatre

5* review: The Siege – The Lowry, Salford Quays

Freedom Theatre UK tour kicks off despite right-wing media attacks

Programming The Siege by The Freedom Theatre

Theatre community slams Israel lobby attack on touring Palestinian play

Palestine’s Freedom Theatre shines spotlight on fighters dismissed as terrorists on first UK tour

Actors, writers and directors denounce demonisation of Palestinian theatre

Israel groups angry over intifada play

Theatre starts condemn ‹vociferous pro-Israel lobby› over opposition to Palestinian play The Siege

Interview with Faisal Abu Alheja, actor at The Freedom Theatre

Row breaks out over UK tour of Palestinian play

Creating change through theater

UK funding of Palestinian play angers local Jewish community

Frome Friends of Palestine to hold bumper jumble sale

The Siege – cultural resistance in Palestine

Drama and uncomfortable questions at Chicago Palestine Film Festival

Freedom Theatre play takes new look at Nativity Church siege

From Aida to Shuafat, part 3

Exhibition opening: freedom, theatre and the oppressed

Israeli, Palestinian artists demand in-depth probe of Mer-Khamis murder

West Bank theatrical group bring The Siege to Hastings

Bethlehem 2002 siege recalled in new Freedom Theatre play

The Siege: Performance based on Israeli siege on Church of Nativity in 2002

Freedom Theatre board member arrested

At midnight in Jenin, the smell of resistance

Re-writing the script: behind the scenes at the Jenin Freedom Theatre

Pro-Palestine theatre show prompts Lowry boss to warn staff over backlash in memo

The art of resistance

Freedom Theatre plans UK tour

Alexei Sayle supports Freedom to Frome theatre project

Staging Intifada

Battersea Arts Centre unveils year-long plan highlight the «breadth and depth» of UK theatre

Battersea Arts Centre and the Guardian map out plans for A Nation’s Theatre

There will be singing of the dark times – Israeli occupation and the story of Freedom Theatre

A strategic plan for theatre

Theatre of resistance

‹Theatre fete showcases cultural resistance›

Palestinian troupe regales Delhizens

Call to take theatre to the masses

Theatre artistes stop by for  chat

«Plays a cultural bulwark against Western invasion»

Theatre, not guns, is the weapon of resistance for these West Bank refugees