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Enemy is a physical theatre production, based on young actors’ personal stories, reflecting upon three dimensions – political, social and individual – looking into the dramatic events of the legendary Greek myth of Medusa and how they connect to the actors’ lives and narratives. Medusa becomes a representation of the plight of the oppressed – but also of the fierce strength inhabitant in those seemingly powerless.

Enemy is the stage debut of the first-year students at The Freedom Theatre School. The presentation is an important first milestone in the students’ development as artists, offering them a practical context to implement the concepts and elements related to creating a play.

The worst blind is the one who doesn’t want to see!
What your eyes see at first sight might not be the truth.
Do you want to see the truth? Do you? Really?
You can call me Medusa.
If my body were a country I’d be Palestine.
I am you.
Today, the world knows me as a monster.
Do you know you are also a monster to the world?
I’ll tell you my story, and I’ll tell you your story.
You will see that there is no difference between you and me.

The whole production was outstanding. The performances, the lighting, the effects, the different levels. The way the frames were moved to create different spaces. Hard to believe they were all students with such controlled movement and strong voices. Brilliant! – Audience member

According to the Greek myth, Medusa was a beautiful priestess who served at the Temple of Athena, Goddess of War. Poseidon, God of the seas, fell in love with her and raped her in that same temple. Raged by the disrespect to her temple, Athena decided to punish Medusa – not Poseidon, because he was an untouchable god – and transform her into a monster with reptilian skin and snakes as hair. Anyone who would look Medusa in the eye would instantly turn into stone.

Medusa had to live alone on an island. Many men would come to try to cut her head off – for the one who would have her head would be the most powerful warrior, capable of transforming his enemies into stone statues. Perseus, son of Zeus, managed to cut the head off Medusa. The moment her head was cut off, a Pegasus flew out of her body, representing the birth of beauty.

In Enemy, Medusa, exiled from society and viewed as if she were a monster, punished for a crime committed against her, becomes a symbol of the Palestinian people.

The Freedom Theatre School is funded by Sida, as part of the PAN Program, and by the European Union.