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The Freedom Theatre stages original theatre productions that reflect, comment upon and challenge the realities of contemporary Palestinian society, while exploring various forms of artistic expressions. Our productions include Return to Palestine, The Siege, Suicide Note from Palestine, Power/Poison and adaptations of Animal Farm, Alice in Wonderland, Men in the Sun, The Island and The Caretaker.

Magic Notes

Music City is a beautiful place where everyone spends their days playing music and dancing. Each year the King organizes a big music festival, inviting musicians from all over the world to perform. But this year things starts to go wrong: the people who have spent all their life dancing and playing music have not worked, the children have not ... Read More »

Lost Land

After losing his way, Momin, an adventurous schoolboy, comes upon an old Ottoman house where there is a wedding party. He meets a beautiful girl, Navine, to whom he stumblingly declares his love. The party is abruptly ended and Momin returns to his school obsessed with finding his way back but soon realizes this magical land is not to be ... Read More »

Lost Land

Lost Land A new production by The Freedom Theatre, in cooperation with the Consulate General of France in Jerusalem Opening on Thursday, November 21st, at 16:00 Death is not the greatest loss, the greatest loss is what dies within us while being alive. Lost Land, dismissed love, childhood friends whose paths cross in a future not of their design. Choosing ... Read More »

Our Sign is the Stone

Our Sign is the Stone is a production based on testimonies gathered from the village of Nabi Saleh. The play traces the political development of a young boy as his community organizes an extraordinary campaign against the Israeli Occupation. Our Sign is the Stone attests to the struggles, sacrifices and steadfastness of Palestinian communities engaged in civil resistance against Israeli practices ... Read More »

Suicide Note from Palestine

One day before her final exams, Amal has a concerning nightmare: she is Palestine and she has decided to die. Amal’s nightmare drafts between confusion, torture and despair – notions set as strange characters that symbolise some of the key players in world politics that shape the land, history, politics and the occupation of her country. During her dream, Amal is ... Read More »