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The Freedom Theatre stages original theatre productions that reflect, comment upon and challenge the realities of contemporary Palestinian society, while exploring various forms of artistic expressions. Our productions include Return to Palestine, The Siege, Suicide Note from Palestine, Power/Poison and adaptations of Animal Farm, Alice in Wonderland, Men in the Sun, The Island and The Caretaker.

Suicide Note from Palestine (2014)

One day before her final exams, Amal has a concerning nightmare: she is Palestine and she has decided to die. Amal’s nightmare drafts between confusion, torture and despair – notions set as strange characters that symbolise some of the key players in world politics that shape the history, land, politics and occupation of her country. This play, originally produced in 2013 and ... Read More »


Come back to the same tree, carrying the green diary. Sit with the beautiful silence, open the green diary. Then the words will transform to pictures from the pages of the diary. Scattered photos, she is trying to arrange them in a correct, chronological order. The night she went with her husband to the cinema ended with a fight. The playing ... Read More »


Three young brothers are home alone. Their father has left and promised to return but after some time the boys begin to wonder if he is ever coming back. The brothers are faced with a series of problems that they need to solve in order to survive and to bring some stability to their lives. What will they eat? Who ... Read More »


‚Atuwani‘ means to wait patiently. While settlements loom on the top of Atuwani’s hills, the inhabitants of this small community in Area C tell their stories of patience and struggle – of waiting patiently for the day when all what is theirs will get back to its original owners. In Atuwani we meet a multitude of characters: the woman who stands in front ... Read More »


Enemy is a physical theatre production, based on young actors’ personal stories, reflecting upon three dimensions – political, social and individual – looking into the dramatic events of the legendary Greek myth of Medusa and how they connect to the actors’ lives and narratives. Medusa becomes a representation of the plight of the oppressed – but also of the fierce strength inhabitant ... Read More »