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The Freedom Theatre stages original theatre productions that reflect, comment upon and challenge the realities of contemporary Palestinian society, while exploring various forms of artistic expressions. Our productions include Return to Palestine, The Siege, Suicide Note from Palestine, Power/Poison and adaptations of Animal Farm, Alice in Wonderland, Men in the Sun, The Island and The Caretaker.

The Warehouse

Congratulations to our students for having completed their first year at The Freedom Theatre’s School of Performing Arts! The self-devised play The Warehouse is the result of a class on theatre history over the past months with Khawla Ibrahim, an award-winning young director from the Golan Heights who has already worked on several projects with The Freedom Theatre. Embedded in ... Read More »

Louse and Lice

A children’s play focusing on a very basic but enormously important issue: Personal hygiene!  Two fun-loving lice explore the environment and the body of the girl Lina who doesn’t like to wash herself. The play highlights the importance of taking care of and cleaning one’s body, particularly the hair. Directed by Ahmed Tobasi, the play is performed by TFT graduates ... Read More »

Fairuz’ Secret 

A puppet play for kids! Fairuz wants to give her mother a gift on Mother’s Day, which she does not show anyone in order to surprise her mother. However, her neighbour Karkour tries to sabotage Fairuz and expose her little secret. What will Fairuz do to preserve her gift and the surprise? The idea for ‘Fairuz’ Secret’ was born in ... Read More »

The Freedom Theatre presents ‚The Little Lantern‘

The Little Lantern was the first ever production created by, what was then called, the ‘Stone Theatre’ and the first every play produced by Juliano Mer Khamis! ​The Little Lantern ​is a story about following your dreams, having courage and breaking down barriers between the rich and poor. The show opened at The Freedom Theatre in February with a week of ... Read More »

Us Too – Women of Palestine

We are proudly presenting: ‚Us Too – Women of Palestine‘ Women from across Palestine take refuge in a holy place asking God and the citizens of the city to grant them asylum. They are running not from war, or famine or occupation but from men. Inspired by Aeschylus play The Suppliant Women, the production is a juxtaposition of the original ... Read More »