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New film ‹The Idol› features The Freedom Theatre actors

Don’t miss ‘The Idol’, a newly released film by acclaimed Palestinian filmmaker Hany Abu-Assad (Paradise Now, Omar) about the life of Mohammad Assaf from Gaza who became a worldwide sensation after winning the Arab Idol competition in 2013. ‘The Idol’ was filmed partially in Jenin, including at The Freedom Theatre, and features several actors from The Freedom Theatre; Ahmed Al ... Read More »

Theatre Forum & Festival in Jenin in April

The Freedom Theatre’s unique take on artistic expression as a form of resistance to oppression has gathered interest around the world. The theatre is frequently invited to international workshops and conferences to share its experiences and methods. During April 4-9, there is an exceptional opportunity to explore the concept of cultural resistance in Palestine, with The Freedom Theatre’s team present ... Read More »

Assistant stage manager arrested

In a violent raid of Jenin Refugee Camp last night, Israeli occupation forces entered the home of The Freedom Theatre’s locations manager Adnan Naghnaghiye. The home was turned upside down, as was the other homes on every floor of the house, and his son Majd Naghnaghiye, 19, assistant stage manager at The Freedom Theatre, was arrested. The arrest of Majd ... Read More »

Math Exam performed for more than 2000 children

The last of 20 performances of Math Exam, The Freedom Theatre’s first children’s play that is entirely created in-house, is over. An audience of more than 2100 has come to see the play and the theatre has been filled to the brim with excited children from all over the Jenin district. Math Exam is based on accounts by children in Jenin Refugee Camp. It centers around Kareem, ... Read More »

«Each picture is a life» – photo exhibitions displayed in Jenin

The Freedom Theatre’s most recent photography exhibitions, Childhood and Shadow, were displayed at The Freedom Theatre and the Arab-American University close to Jenin at the end of last year and the beginning of this year. More than 1600 people came to see the exhibitions, including students, faculty members, artists and friends of The Freedom Theatre. The photos moved many spectators, particularly ... Read More »