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Brecht workshop at The Freedom Theatre

Our Theatre School students have begun their autumn term with intensive training in Brecht theatre. The course is led by Robert Lyons, Senior Lecturer in Theatre Studies at Gothenburg University. The course will alternate lectures and discussions with practical workshop sessions. Russian political/experimental theatre and art from 1917 through the 1920s and European theatre and art from the same period and through ... Read More »

For Palestine – Freedom Jatha!

In the first ever India-Palestine theatre collaboration, The Freedom Theatre will join forces with the legendary street theatre group Jana Natya Manch (Janam), for a three-month residency in India. Intensive workshops involving The Freedom Theatre’s students and some of India’s foremost theatre experts will result in a unique theatre production, telling stories of freedom and resistance from both nations, that will ... Read More »

October 15-28, Playback Theatre intensive in occupied Palestine

This October, The Freedom Theatre will be offering a 12-day Playback Theatre intensive in the West Bank. Applications are invited from cultural activists, community organizers and theatre practitioners from Palestine and abroad. To apply, please email Over 12 days, participants will learn and practice the core elements of Playback Theatre with emphasis upon its use within the Palestinian context. ... Read More »

Join The Freedom Theatre in celebrating 10 years of cultural resistance

Save the date – because you don’t want to miss this! In March and April 2016 The Freedom Theatre will commemorate its ten-year milestone, in honour of Juliano Mer Khamis and his legacy. We are calling on friends and comrades in Palestine and around the world to join us in celebrating the power of creative resistance. The ten-year anniversary will take place from March ... Read More »

Art exhibition

The Freedom Theatre is honoured to invite you to the opening of the art exhibition «Freedom», showcasing the results of a recent painting & drawing workshop at the theatre. Freedom Sunday, August 16th 10:00-15:00 The Freedom Theatre Centre in Jenin City (in front of the courthouse) Read More »