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‹Return to Palestine› performed across occupied Palestine

The first leg of the West Bank tour of Return to Palestine has been a tremendous success! Close to 2000 youths and adults in villages, towns and refugee camps from Hebron in the south to Al Yamoun in the north saw the play. For many, it was their first theatre experience. The response was overwhelmingly positive, with requests of more performances and ... Read More »

International Women’s Day at The Freedom Theatre

On International Women’s Day, March 8, The Freedom Theatre welcomes you to a joint event by Al Kamandjati Association, the General Union of Palestinian Women, Naqsh popular art troupe and The Freedom Theatre in cooperation with the Palestinian Performing Arts Network (PPAN). With theatre, music, film, dance and discussions we will celebrate the achievements of Palestinian women and highlight the many challenges that lie ... Read More »

‹Return to Palestine› performed at universities, towns and villages

On March 6, Return to Palestine will begin the second leg of its West Bank tour with a performance at Al Quds University in Abu Dis. Performances at Birzeit University and in villages and towns in occupied Palestine will follow in March and April. In February alone, close to 2000 youths and adults in sixteen villages, towns and refugee camps from Hebron in the south ... Read More »

Assirk Assaghir, Nablus Circus School, performs ‹Maktoub› at The Freedom Theatre

We are pleased to present Assirk Assaghir, Nablus Circus School, performing ‹Maktoub› at The Freedom Theatre on Tuesday February 14 in two shows, at 11:00 and 14:00. ‹Maktoub›, Written, aims to encourage reading in the Palestinian community through the arts. Assirk Assaghir provides circus workshops for children and teenagers from the Nablus area, including surrounding villages and refugee camps, in acrobatics, ... Read More »

Save the date! Celebration of cultural resistance at The Freedom Theatre

CELEBRATION OF CULTURAL RESISTANCE – IN MEMORY OF JULIANO MER KHAMIS April 4-6, The Freedom Theatre welcomes you to three days of performances, including Return to Palestine and a young artists showcase, film screenings, exhibitions, launch of two new books by The Freedom Theatre and the graduation ceremony of our Theatre School students. The event will start in the afternoon of April 4 ... Read More »