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New youth theatre club in Yabad

The Freedom Theatre launches a youth theatre club in Yabad! Led by Ameer Abu Rob, graduate of The Freedom Theatre School, the theatre club is part of our efforts to strengthen the culture of theatre and creativity in our society. These clubs are a journey of discovery and learning for the participants, the young leaders as well as for The Freedom ... Read More »

‹The Siege› performed at The Skirball Center, New York in October

THE SIEGE  US Premiere October 12-22, Tuesday to Saturday at 19:30; Sunday at 15:00 NYU Skirball The Siege is a passionate retelling of the story of the 2002 siege of Bethlehem’s Church of the Nativity, during the height of the second Intifada. Drawn from interviews with survivors, it is told from the point of view of some of the armed Palestinian fighters who ... Read More »

Summer camp!

It’s summer camp time at The Freedom Theatre! Over 40 kids aged 8-12 and volunteers from The Freedom Theatre, the Jenin community and from abroad have begun a three-week adventure with creative activities including theatre, painting, photography, dabke and English through games and songs. Trips to nearby forests and swimmingpools is also on the agenda. This summer camp of fun, ... Read More »

The Freedom Theatre launches new theatre clubs

«I have been waiting for the opportunity because I love acting and I would love to become an actor, I love the stage and I want to know more, I want to improve myself» – Participant in The Freedom Theatre club We’re excited to be starting new theatre clubs for youth in Zebabde and Yaabad, and a theatre club for children ... Read More »