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  1. I’d love to be added to the list when the Freedom Theatre next has a live stream. Although I thought I was on your mailing lists, I didn’t know about the live stream on November 5th

    With best wishes and looking forward to your British trip.

    Mary Saunders

  2. Great to see your work. Greetings from National Theatre Wales.

  3. The play was very powerful as well as being wonderfully theatrical. The performances were absolutely brilliant, the staging and lighting was inventive, exciting, clever and compelling as was the music and dance. Everything about it was excellent. Am so glad I saw it, a really excellent piece of theatre. I hope it is being streamed in some main large venues.

  4. Mohammed Alassar

    posetiv surpised! well worth seeing…

  5. Would love to watch this. In what language is the play performed and are there subtitles?

  6. Happy to hear it! The play is in Arabic but we will be posting a synopsis in English and do live interpretation during the stream for those who do not speak Arabic.

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