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The Freedom Theatre receives volunteers from all corners of the world, who come to share their skills in solidarity with the people in Jenin. We prefer to host volunteers on a more long-term basis, at least two to three months.

Volunteering at The Freedom Theatre won’t make you financially rich but we guarantee that you will be rich in experiences. You will be working within a creative setting with people from Occupied Palestine and all over the world, learning about life in the heart of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, making friends for life and contributing towards increasing the capacity of our staff and students.


My experience at The Freedom Theatre was incredibly stimulating and unforgettable. After meeting the wonderful artists and motivated staff that run the theatre, I left feeling the responsibility to create photos that have a message instead of creating art for art’s sake.
Emily Smith, Photography Instructor and Project Leader of Pictures and Stories.

Important qualifications in all our volunteers is that they are responsible, able to take initiative and work independently, as well as function as team members. Another prerequisite is that volunteers are willing to respect the local culture, even if it means making adjustments or sacrifices. Arabic speakers are preferred.

Some of our general volunteer needs:

The Freedom Theatre is aiming to become a professional, progressive multimedia centre for photography, graphic design, filmmaking, creative writing and journalism. To accomplish this, we are looking for volunteers with extensive experience in:

  • Filmmaking – especially with youth, editing (Final Cut Pro), workflow, storyboarding, directing
  • Photography and photojournalism
  • Journalism/creative writing/editing
  • Graphic Design and layout
  • Online marketing
  • PR

The Freedom Theatre runs a professional, three-year Theatre School as well as amateur drama workshops and applied theatre courses. Within the theatre programme, we are looking for volunteers with extensive experience in the areas of Voice and Dance to integrate in our trainings.

We are currently accepting volunteer applications for our intensive workshop period of April 2016. People interested in holding workshops should submit a letter of intention as well as additional info on their experience and workshop program. We give priority to experienced professionals with clear workshops that we think will add to our students’ or graduates’ continuous education.

Project management and marketing
We have a lot of exciting projects in the pipeline and to realize their full potential, we need these volunteers:

  • PR coordinator (preferably Arabic speaker)
  • Fundraiser (preferably fluent in written and spoken Arabic)
  • Specialist in communication, internal and external (preferably Arabic speaker)


  • IT technician and network specialist
  • Web designer (WordPress)
  • Web security and IT system protection
  • Information storage solutions
  • Specialist on Google tools (or other cheap, stable, integrated and easy solutions for office use)

When I decided to pursue a career in the theatre, I knew that I would want my work to have lasting impact on both practitioner and audience, not simply be a diversion or a distraction. I met Juliano Mer Khamis and when he described what he was doing in Jenin, I invited myself, at my own expense to go there and teach his students in a one month long acting intensive class. Later I returned to Jenin for the second time to direct an adaptation of Men in the Sun. I did so with the hope of doing a small bit to help the young people of Jenin in their heroic struggle to create art of the highest caliber. In the words of one student who I met, “If I pick up a gun I will be dead in a year, if I tell a story I will be alive in 100 years.”
Josh Perlstein, Acting Instructor and Director of Men in the Sun