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The Siege feedback forum

The Siege feedback forum

Comments, criticism, praise, questions – we value your feedback immensely! 

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For us, the main aim with touring The Siege in the UK is to meet you, and to get a chance to engage in a conversation on the issues that matter to us and that we believe connect us to people around the world. The cultural resistance that is at the core of everything we do, is a movement that brings people together in a common struggle for justice, equality and freedom – regardless of national or other boundaries. As we see it, this conversation has only just begun. In short; we hope you will join us!


  1. Clayton Doyle

    A fantastic performance (opening night, Lowry Theatre, Salford).

    It was very realistic. I was on the edge of my seat.

    Although there were no women on the stage, the phone call from the mother with the sick baby was pivotal to the outcome of the play.

    The interaction between the resistance fighters, along with the film footage & explanation of Israel’s occupation of the West Bank, truly was cultural resistance.

    I hope you do another tour of Britain. It would be fantastic to visit you in Palestine. Maybe one day.

  2. Thank you so much, we’re very happy to get your input and especially to hear that you enjoyed the play!

  3. Powerful Theatre, well acted, great reaction from a packed Glasgow audience.
    This situation will only be resolved when global sanctions are applied and enforced to this shameful
    Occupational force.
    I am ashamed of our spineless Politicians and their reluctance to criticise Israel.
    Your voices need to be heard, keep touring.
    God Bless

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