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Taiseer Khatib

Creative Writing Instructor

Taiseer Khatib, born in Akka (Acre), joined The Freedom Theatre in 2006 as translator of artistic and literary text from English into Arabic. He has also edited and adapted texts into theatre plays. Taiseer has been conducting Creative Writing workshops for youth and adults since 2008. He is also the editor of the magazine Voices, which includes works of the young people in the workshops. Taiseer composed the texts of the photography book, Captured, published by the Freedom Theatre.

Taiseer currently works as teacher in a college in Akka. He has worked in different Human Rights NGO’s like Mossawa Center, Association for Civil Rights and Acre Women Association. He is now conducting a PhD research at Haifa University in the department of Anthropology and finished his BA and MA degrees in the University of Heidelberg, Germany. He is active in combating the racist Israeli “citizenship law” and has launched a campaign to this effect.

E-mail: taiseerk@gmail.com