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Same Theatre, New Look

As an organisation devoted to social change through culture and the arts, The Freedom Theatre is forever growing and changing in response to community needs, artistic trends and visions. What began as a small grassroots initiative in 2006 has developed into a leading cultural centre in the north of the West Bank. As we continued to implement new projects and extend our reach we saw the need for a logo that is inclusive of all our activities, including but not limited to theatre.

The new logo maintains the image of the mask – a classic symbol of theatre – but moves away from the tragedy/comedy masks that have their roots in the open-air theatre of ancient Greece. The new logo is but one mask, symbolizing new beginnings and cohesion, incorporating the colours of the Palestinian flag.

The mask itself was designed using patterns associated with old Islamic art, creating an immediate visual impact. While the name Islamic art may lead one to believe it is rooted in religion, the art itself actually transcends language, culture and creed.

Generating Cultural resistance

The Freedom Theatre’s new tagline, Generating Cultural Resistance, compliments our former and still relevant Creation under Occupation. Just like Islamic art, the theatre knows no boundaries in terms of nationality, religion, gender or ethnicity and collaborates with artists from all genres and all parts of the world, who stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people in their struggle for freedom.

The idea of cultural resistance is not a new one and is something the theatre has always promoted in the context of unjust and oppressive systems.  We believe it is through culture and art that the Palestinian people will mobilize and effect change.

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