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Acclaimed ‘The Siege’ by The Freedom Theatre performed in New York

Acclaimed ‘The Siege’ by The Freedom Theatre performed in New York

The Siege, one of The Freedom Theatre’s most successful productions to date, will be performed at NYU Skirball in October! Performance details and tickets.

The Siege was originally produced in spring 2015 in the West Bank as well as in the UK, receiving exceptional reviews. The tour included ten venues across Britain and twenty performances of which almost all were completely sold-out. “One would struggle to find a more authentic piece of theatre, or indeed one that speaks to such a brutally urgent case of injustice” stated The Public Reviews, while The Guardian wrote: “It develops into an unexpectedly compelling theatrical experience with a rough and ready energy, and, in the very act of its telling, speaks for the voiceless and forgotten.” Read more praise for The Siege here.

The play is an artistic reflection on the Israeli army’s 39-day siege of the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem during the height of the second Intifada in 2002. While the dramatic scenes of the 2002 siege made headlines worldwide, the fighters, clergy and civilians trapped inside the church were not heard. With The Siege, The Freedom Theatre tells the story from the perspective of some of the people who lived through those fateful 39 days. Read more about the play.

“We chose to portray the siege of the Church of the Nativity because it was such an important event in Palestinian society”, says Nabil Al-Raee, co-creator of The Siege. “It is still important for a lot of people, especially for the fighters who were exiled indefinitely, and for their families. We used the story of the siege of Bethlehem to speak about the siege of Palestine that is ongoing since 1948.”

OCTOBER 12-22, 2017
Details and tickets

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Thomas O. Kriegsmann, ArKtype

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