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The Freedom Theatre’s new show, ‘Jinan’ is coming soon!

The Freedom Theatre’s new show, ‘Jinan’ is coming soon!

The Freedom Theatre proudly presents a brand new production, Jinan based on the world famous Swedish children’s book Pippi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgren. Jinan is a young palestinian girl, a feminist, an optimist and a free thinker – this famous character has encouraged countless girls to believe in themselves, both in Sweden and abroad and she has become something of a role model in gender equality.

Jinan presents Pippi with a Palestinian twist; she is an unusual young girl. She is financially independent since she owns a sackful of gold pieces. She is both cheeky and kind, she can carry a horse and she can outlift the strongest man in the world!

This show embodies the spirit of Palestinian youth, particularly young girls who are in constant search for happiness, freedom and safety. Jinan challenges the traditional style of education and power, using her voice and strength to resist against an oppressive and patriarchal society.

“He’s the strongest man in the world.”
“Man, yes,” said Jinan, “but I am the strongest GIRL in the world, remember that.”

The Freedom Theatre’s newest production opens this Saturday, 10th February 2018 and will be performed in Jenin camp over the following days:

Saturday 10th at 4pm
Sunday 11th at 10.30am
Monday 12th at 10.30 am and 3pm
Tuesday 13th at 11am
Wednesday 14th at 10.30am and 5pm
Thursday 15th at 11am

Jinan is directed by Swedish theatre director Lars Eric Brossner with dramatic adaptation and theatrical composition by Palestinian actor, Hassan Taha. The piece is developed and devised by a full Palestinian cast with actors from The Freedom Theatre and across the West Bank. This production is supported by the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) and in cooperation with the Palestinian Performing Arts Network (PPAN).

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  1. Kristina Magnusson

    It would be very exciting to go and see this play. A brilliant idea to turn Astrid Lindgren´s book Pippi Långstrump
    as we call it into a play. When a little girl decades ago I remember how wonderful it was to read about this child, this girl, whom no one was able to master. She was the mental and physical superior of all representatives of the
    authorities and the adult world.And she also knew how to bring up herself. When it was time to go to bed in the
    evening she didn´t always want to do so. She then started by telling herself to go to bed and if she didn´t obey she
    told herself once more. If that didn´t help she started to spank herself with a little stick and that always had the
    desired effect. She obeyed. Very smart! I can very well understand how Pippi can be an ideal for girls/women even

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