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The Freedom Theatre presents ‘Jinan’, Pippi Longstocking, the strongest girl in the world

The Freedom Theatre presents ‘Jinan’, Pippi Longstocking, the strongest girl in the world

We are excited to announce that we will present a new play, Jinan at The Freedom Theatre in February 2018!

Jinan is based on the famous story of Pippi Longstocking, the strongest girl in the world, written by Swedish author Astrid Lindgren. The Freedom Theatre’s production will mark the first time that Pippi Lonstocking is presented in Palestine. 

The Pippi Longstocking series is the most well-known work of Astrid Lindgren. It was published between the years 1945-1971 and translated into more than 40 languages. The books tell an amusing story about a girl named Pippi who lives alone in a colourful house with a pet monkey and a horse. She is as unconventional as she is physically strong and doesn’t follow any rules but her own. Pippi is a heroic character for many children, especially since she always defends those who need it the most, and has become a symbol of independence, courage, playfulness and freedom. 

Jinan is a co-production with Swedish theatre Folkteatern in Gothenburg and will be directed by Lars-Eric Brossner, with Hassan Taha from Palestine as dramaturg. Auditions have been held, the script created and rehearsals are set to start in January, before the play opens at The Freedom Theatre in February. We hope to take Jinan on the road and perform all over Palestine as well as internationally. To us, Jinan embodies the concept of cultural resistance and we very much look forward to presenting the play to audiences in Palestine and abroad! 

“I have never tried that before, so I think I should definitely be able to do it.” Pippi Longstocking

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  1. Kristina Magnusson

    Congratulations! Pippi Långstrump as she is called in Swedish will most certainly be a very positive model for girls
    all over the world. Not only is she completely independent and lives her life as she wishes in a house of her own and with a bag full of gold coins but she is also endowed with a strong sense of right and wrong. She immediately
    interferes whenever there is some wrongdoing about. In this respect she is also very severe with herself. To correct her behaviour when she feels the necessity of it there is at least one episode in one of the books I think where she spanks herself and if she still doesn´t change she spanks herself once again until she does obey. (Not everyone has a bag full of gold coins but you could always dream of being independent enough to form your own life and future.)

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