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New photo exhibition: Hidden Stories

New photo exhibition: Hidden Stories

This exhibition is a group work of eight advanced photography students of The Freedom Theatre, mentored by Sabine Stein, a freelance photographer from Germany. Each of these eight documentaries tells an independent story of different aspects that have become invisible in daily life. The students carefully observed the environment around them and after collecting ideas, the stories grew trough cultural and professional exchange and discussions.

“I wanted them to think critically about their environment, develop their own visual solutions and to experience that photographs do not just need to be beautiful to tell an interesting story”, says Sabine Stein. “When I decided to travel to Jenin I didn’t expect such a professional level and great motivation from my students. This is why I’m now more than happy to show the results of our collective work.”

The exhibition tells stories about the difficulties of bedouin life, of working women and of living with disabilities here in Palestine. There are stories of the consequences of the Nakba, of the old houses that still remain, the wish to protect our environment and the value of strong cohesion within families.

Hidden Stories
The Freedom Theatre Jenin Centre
March 13, 2017, at 10:00-15:00

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