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Hidden Stories

Hidden Stories

The Freedom Theatre’s new exhibition, Hidden Stories, is the outcome of an advanced photography workshop where the participants were encouraged to carefully and critically observe the environment around them. They found stories about working women, old houses that speak of times past, bedouin life, family bonds, the need to protect our environment and living with disabilities here in Palestine.

Read more about the exhibition.


  1. I´m very interested about your action and this new exhibition. I have plan come to Palestine at April and i will visit in Jenin, too. I would like to write and inform all what is possible in my country Finland after my trip. I´m writer and done solidarity work quite long time, theater have been my hobby in my life too. Hoping the best luck to all there and see you in Palestine !
    With kind regards

  2. kick leijnse

    Good Luck to all of you living under hard circomstances. We will never forgett you and be with you in our minds.

    In solidarity with all oppressed poeple in the world.
    your comrade
    Kick Leijnse
    supporter of the freedom theatre in Sweeden since 2006

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