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Arna’s Mural in Jenin refugee camp

Arna’s Mural in Jenin refugee camp

A new community mural is being created in The Freedom Theatre’s yard, by participants in our mural class, led by artist Moana Niumeitolu. The participants discussed the themes of Freedom, Palestine, Future and Community and made several drawings for each theme. They then collaborated on choosing from several drawings and drafts to create a final design. The mural is now being painted by Shda Jarrar, Dania L. Khamayseh, Diana Nasser and children from Jenin refugee camp.     

This mural is a homage to Arna Mer Khamis and depicts her and her guardian angel. It demonstrates Arna’s legacy, inspiration and essence and that which continues to live on here, at The Freedom Theatre and in Jenin refugee camp. The bright colours and bold black lines reference stain glass windows representing Arna as a saint and eternal being placed right next to her, a guardian angel, a feminine lavender spirit with green butterfly wings. A guardian angel that not only protects all of us but also nurtures, strengthens and inspires us, just like Arna did. The boldness and brightness of this mural depicts life, joy and love – all that continues to exist here in the camp amidst the occupation, invasion, raids, atrocities and murders. Resistance, strength and defiance are not only symbolised through guns and tanks but can be embodied by a woman, plants, flowers, butterflies and rich colours. Arna, a woman campaigning for freedom and human rights, together with the people of Jenin refugee camp, protected by her guardian angel.

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