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‘Al-Haya’ (Life) presented by Nabd

‘Al-Haya’ (Life) presented by Nabd

The Freedom Theatre recently welcomed a performing arts group from Ramallah, Nabd (which means pulse in Arabic) to perform their latest play, Al-Haya (Life). Nabd is a new youth initiative relating to social issues that are critical to the peace process in Palestine. It was their first time performing in Jenin and we had a good turnout.

The play is about Hayat, the middle daughter of a Palestinian family. The play deals with different life stages of the family and focuses on the key life changes of the human being, emotionally torn from being rebellious to submissive within an environment that is unstable. The play presents the changing roles of people, place and context that occur within the Palestinian resistance and revolution.

Presented by: Maysam Waly, Ghassan Nadaf, Omar Khatib, Akef Darawshe, Dara Al-Alami, Hanadi Adama, Yazen Yacoub, Yahya Awad, Ibrahim Aramosh and Ibrahim Zahd. Lighting: Ali Sadaqah
Sound: Dalia Abdel Gawad.

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