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Music City is a beautiful place where everyone spends their days playing music and dancing. Each year the King organizes a big music festival, inviting musicians from all over the world to perform. But this year things starts to go wrong: the people who have spent all their life dancing and playing music have not worked, the children have not gone to school and the fields have not been tended to and thus yield no crops.

One of the King’s ministers suggests a solution: every man, woman and child in the kingdom are to work all day and all night for a week in order to pay taxes and buy tickets to the festival. The people agree, because they love music. But the instruments, believing that this decision is unjust, start playing the magic notes of a revolution.

Photo credit: Stefano Gambini

The Freedom Theatre is proud to present its first professional play for children: Magic Note, inspired by the German folktale The Pied Piper of Hemline. Magic Notes is a joyous, inspiring and empowering play, full of music, dance and humour, with a strong message for children and adults alike. It speaks about the need to stand up against injustices, the need to protect children, and about how anyone of us can be the spark that lights the fire.

Magic Notes is supported by the Swedish Postcode Lottery (PostkodLotteriet), Nordic Black Theatre, the European Union and Sida, as part of the PAN program.

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