The Freedom Theatre UK Friends is a network of over three hundred people working to build artistic links between Britain and Palestine, centred around the idea of using culture as a platform for exchange. Our main aims are to assist The Freedom Theatre financially by having regular fundraising events around the UK and to raise the profile of The Freedom Theatre in Britain through press and PR activities coordinated with The Freedom Theatre. We are staffed entirely by volunteers.

In spring 2015 we are organising The Freedom Theatre’s first UK tour, with a brand new production: The Siege. The Siege is inspired by the real stories of a group of fighters who during the height of the second Intifada took refuge in the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem. The play uses both theatre and visual arts to portray an event that with time has taken on almost mythical proportions.

Prior to the tour, TFTUK organised a string of talks, events and films screenings in support of the theatre. 

In Britain we believe there is not only the space and desire to hear the voices of artists from Palestine but a need to re-engage with theatre that has a direct desire to provoke, challenge and re-imagine the world. We hope to set a standard and precedent for British and Palestinian artists collaborating together in a deep and meaningful exchange of culture, ideas and practices and to offer a platform to explore with our audiences the relationship between Britain and Palestine, focusing on the social, religious and political.


The Freedom Theatre UK Friends website

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  1. Hi, I attended the talk at Cov uni earlier this year. I believe the theatre are touring the UK next year.

    Do you need venues to do so?
    Potentially there could be one in the city of Worcester and one in the town of Leamington spa if you are interested?

    FYI, I am an active member of Justice 4Palestine Leamington Spa.
    Happy Christmas

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