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Fragments of Palestine

Fragments of Palestine

On an open black stage, a colourful wedding is being celebrated. The daughter of Abu Said is dancing, surrounded by her family. Suddenly the stage blows up and the happy event turns into a tragedy. The fragments of the family are dispersed and later found in refugee camps around Palestine.

Fragments of Palestine is an original play by The Freedom Theatre, developed out of the actors’ own stories of everyday life under occupation. A performance of physical theatre, it is an emotional and at times painful journey through Palestine – crossing checkpoints; going to work without permits; living in a refugee camp, with no privacy; being sent to prison on suspicion of throwing a stone; giving birth at checkpoints; building houses for settlers. The normality of an absurd life. Love at curfew hours and late night dreams about the sea. Stories of martyrs, men, women, living in a divided society where the occupation and oppression is interwoven with personal desires, needs and dreams.

Fragments of Palestine is an attempt to bridge the gap between life and art. Utilising primarily physical means, the picture goes beyond the verbal narrative. The cry of the individual is expressed through a universal language.

Fragments of Palestine received support from ArtAction, Sida and UNFPA.