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Donate stuff

The Freedom Theatre has ongoing supply and production needs and we appreciate the gift of everything from computers and office supplies to sound and light equipment. Every little bit helps make a difference and offsets The Freedom Theatre’s operating costs. Don’t know what to donate? Here’s our current top wish list is!

Theatre equipment – light and sound equipment. We are in particular need of a new light board and always in need of new light bulbs for our theatre lights (they are quite expensive to get here). We are also in need of all kinds of light or effect equipment for theatre, our speakers are from 2006 and beginning to run out – in case you’ve got a set that works for running a concert that would be great! Microphones (wired and wireless), fire alarms, cables and connectors etc.

Computers – we are always in need of new or used laptop Macs and PCs that meet these minimum requirements: Dual-Core, 2.0 GHZ or greater processor, 2GB or more RAM. We are also in need of Mac-mini computers (also for server), Mac adapters, external DVD burners, keyboards, chargers, RAM-memory, batteries (Macbook and Macbook Pro) and other accessories including internet routers, range extenders, external hard drives and NAS storage solutions (we store a lot of materials…) as well as laptop bags. We also need software for photo, design and film editing purposes and the latest Apple OSX is always good to have.

Electrical equipment – mobile phones, electricity transformers, voltage surge protectors and UPS units, DeWalt power drills and batteries, powerful flashlights – we often have power cuts …

Office materials – printers and scanners, projectors, ink (Contact us for an updated list of our printers), copy paper, notebooks, pens, folders, printable DVD’s, table lamps, long-life light bulbs (LED), garbage bags etc.

Digital Cameras – help The Freedom Theatre’s Multimedia team make the most of their skills by training youth in the community to use the camera as a tool for self-expression and storytelling. Professional digital cameras also help The Freedom Theatre document performances, workshops and other events at the theatre. We use both SLR and compact cameras.

Filmmaking stuff – chip-set cameras or SLR cameras with HD filming function will enable us to document our work and the communities in which we are active, we need DV-cassettes, light and sound equipment, microphones, lenses for Canon SLR cameras, cables etc.

Other – good films in Arabic or with Arabic translation, plays and scripts, books for kids in Arabic; and whatever else you can come up with!

For more information on in-kind donations please contact us.