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In 2016, The Freedom Theatre will open a non-profit child centre in Jenin refugee camp, occupied Palestine, that will offer artistic and educational activities for children and provide training opportunities to facilitators through workshops, field visits and courses. The centre is supported by Playgrounds for Palestine and individuals who believe in the crucial importance of play for children’s healthy development.

Thanks to this support, we are able to make reality of a long-time dream: to offer a safe space where children of all ages are free to express themselves creatively and are strengthened in their ability to deal with difficulties they encounter in their everyday lives.

In our child centre, children’s rights will be the foundation of all activities. Children will be encouraged to take an active part in their own development. The focus will be on children’s cultivation, rather than education, which includes each child’s inner development. We regard play as fundamental to children’s development and will give priority to play in all contexts. The activities offered at the centre will be fun, creative and stimulating, and take advantage of children’s innate curiosity and desire to play.

We so look forward to continue this project and hope that you will join us on our journey!

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