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The Freedom Theatre stages original theatre productions that reflect, comment upon and challenge the realities of contemporary Palestinian society, while exploring various forms of artistic expressions. Our productions include Return to Palestine, The Siege, Suicide Note from Palestine, Power/Poison and adaptations of Animal Farm, Alice in Wonderland, Men in the Sun, The Island and The Caretaker.

Men in the Sun

Three Palestinian refugees of different generations meet on their way to what they believe will amount to relative freedom and prosperity in Kuwait. They are making the journey with the hope of helping their impoverished families left behind in Palestinian refugee camps. But the route out of Jordan, across Iraq and into Kuwait is a hard one.  … This adaptation ... Read More »

Fragments of Palestine

On an open black stage, a colourful wedding is being celebrated. The daughter of Abu Said is dancing, surrounded by her family. Suddenly the stage blows up and the happy event turns into a tragedy. The fragments of the family are dispersed and later found in refugee camps around Palestine. Fragments of Palestine is an original play by The Freedom ... Read More »

The Magic Flute

With the magic tunes of his flute, a piper saves a village struck by a vermin invasion. However, the King goes back on his word and refuses to pay the piper, who leaves the village angrily but soon comes back for revenge…  The Magic Flute is an adaptation of the legend “The Pied Piper of Hamlin”, and tells the story ... Read More »

Animal Farm

Intifada!” the animals scream. Strobe lights flash and heavy metal music blares as they chase Jones from the farm. The animals are ecstatic. They have finally overthrown their oppressor and now they are free! They set the farm up as a commune where all animals are equal; however, disparities soon emerge and the commune’s ideologies are manipulated and twisted by ... Read More »

The Journey

Five young Palestinian men, whose journey from the refugee camp to the sea turns into a great internal journey from the harsh reality of life under occupation to their aspirations for a better future. The “Bad Boys” youth acting group’s new production developed out of the play To Be or Not To Be performed at The Freedom Theatre in 2007. Under ... Read More »